Spring Wedding – Coastal & Creative

Country Wedding-0-002 Country Wedding-0-001Country Wedding-0-015Country Wedding-0-011Country Wedding-002Country Wedding-0-232Country Wedding-001Country Wedding-0-481This beautiful Spring wedding set on the south English coast is full of handcrafted creativity and simple touches.

The bride painted her own incredible seating plan and table names and hand-stamped all the name places (which can be ordered).

Handmade bunting and spring flowers decorate the marquee.

Photographs from Jim Pascoe Photography and for any questions regarding Name Place orders please contact us for Caroline’s details.

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Conker name places and autumnal flowers


Autumn wedding

1. Conkers

Tied to a luggage tag for an autumnal name place

2. Autumnal flowers

Dahlias and alstromeria in vibrant maroons, yellows and oranges

3. Decorative Letters

To spell out a message, LOVE, or your names (and handy boxes to use after the wedding). Buy here

4. Gorgeous Lanterns

For a cosy glow from Nkuku

Beautiful wedding flowers | Maison Des Roses

The most romantic florist in London?

The most romantic florist in London?

After another bunch of incredibly beautiful flowers received from Maison Des Roses, an SW London based florist (and they really have blown all others out of the water), I decided to delve into whether they offer wedding flowers. Not only do they offer their floristry for weddings, but they have an extremely comprehensive website for a bride with limited time on her hands and you could order your full wedding’s worth of flowers with a few clicks on their Wedding Flowers Online service (for London brides, but they will travel). With Buttonholes starting at £6 and Table Centrepieces from £55 and 4 design sections – Contemporary, Country, Romantic and Vintage – they offer incredibly beautiful flowers easily and reasonably. If I was doing it all over again I’d be even more excited by them than I currently am!

Also to note the beautiful label that came with the flowers; inspiration for Name Places perhaps?

Shell Name Places

You can have a lot of fun creating unique touches at your wedding. I’ve always loved scallop shells and most commonly see their shape used in pieces of jewellery. Inspired by a piece of work by designer Thomas Messel I decided that they would make a real feature of our tables as Name Places in a gold finish.

1. Obtain the shells – speak nicely to a fish monger who will most likely give you his discarded scallop shells, if not you shouldn’t have to pay him much to cover your numbers.

2. Clean the shells – if necessary run the shells through the dishwasher to clean them.

3. Spray paint the shells – we chose gold for a wintery, opulent setting however you could choose any colour available in spray paint. A white, pale grey or turquoise would look beautiful at a spring/summer wedding.

4. Write the names – we wanted to write the names directly onto the shells so had to choose a liquid pen that was squeezable over the ridges of the shell and left a slightly raised and textured finish (bought from an art shop).

Homemade name places: Luggage Tags & Ink Stamps

Create simple and beautiful Name Places yourself. All you need are some Luggage Tag style brown or white labels, Ink Stamps and a pen (or stencils as seen).
Doing them yourself adds a personal touch to your wedding and the stamp image you choose can be something personal to you.

Luggage Tag Labels from many stationers including Rymans
Butterfly Ink Stamps from Willow & Stone