Table Layout & Furniture


Tradition would have a ‘Top Table’ however this is fairly rare and not expected of today, especially in situations where the family are no longer together. Many couples nowadays choose a regular table placed in and amongst the rest of the guests with a selection of parents and/or close friends. If you were to have a traditional Top Table the seating would be as follows:

Maid of Honour/Father of Groom/Mother of Bride/Groom/Bride/Father of Bride/Mother of Groom/Best Man

Guests are usually seated in between members of the opposite sex and couples should be sat on the same table, although today, not necessarily next to each other.

Seating Plan

Save yourself a lot of time and angst and sign up to TopTablePlanner to arrange your table plan. You can upload the names from a document, assign gender to your guests as well as dietary requirements. Any party can login from any computed to see  the current seating plan, updates and move people about as they wish. There is small cost but it is worth every penny! Click here for a free trial.

Designing a Seating Plan

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You can have a lot of fun designing a seating plan to feature at your wedding.  For larger weddings it is logistically a lot easier and quicker for guests to find their place if there is an alphabetical name list, with a table number next to the name, along side a decorative table plan.

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The table layout is down to your personal choice. Round tables are the most popular and those seating 8-10 guest are the most sociable sizes. Do bear in mind that guests are predominantly limited to the person on their left and right side so the smaller tables will allow for more group conversation. Especially if tight on space consider Banqueting tables; they are extremely sociable offering guests 5 options of conversation and can fit more guests into a smaller space. Less commonly found are beautiful Square tables; they may be harder to come by but look very smart.

Round tables: 5ft round = 8 guests 5ft6 round = 8-10 guests 6ft round = 10-12 guests

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Long tables = allow 2ft per guest

Square tables = depending on size 2/3 guests per side.

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Table Lay-up and Linen

Your caterer should be more than familiar with a precise and correct table setup. All table cloths should touch the floor and chairs should be placed so they are just touching the table cloth. They should have an array of glassware, cutlery and linen for you to choose from. They may have a large selection of linen, they may not but you are likely to be offered Damask as well as standard plain linen which is a patterned fabric.


Banqueting and Camelot chairs are the most popular choice for weddings. Along side Folding Chairs and Material Covered Chairs they can be made into a beautiful part of the theming and decor. Click here for a Gallery of Wedding Chairs.