Order of Service

What you need to think about for your service

Entrance music (Entrance of the bride)

Exit music (Recessional)

Hymns (Three or four)

Readings (Two or three)

Music during Signing of the Register

What you need to think about for your Order of Service

What size – A5 or A6?

How many pages? This will depend on your requirements below and will affect the price.

List the hymns or refer to hymn book?

List the full readings or just the titles and reader?

List ushers, bridesmaids, vicar and thanks to…?

Include any other printed reference to the wedding, a favourite text/prayer or history of the church?

Ribbon bound?

Traditional or non-traditional

A sample format of the service

This will vary according to your requirements and your vicar’s suggestions

Entrance of the Bride


Hymn 1

Preface & Declarations



The Marriage

Blessing of the Marriage

Hymn 2


Hymn 3


Signing of the register


Styles and Designs of your Order of Service

A traditional style Order of Service is classic, elegant and simple. For more creative ideas on what you can do see our Pinterest Board here.