It has not always been the Father of the Bride who speaks but a God Father or close family friend who has known the Bride since she was young; the timings of the speeches are totally up to the Bride & Groom depending on the format of their day. If having a seated reception then often speeches take place once the main course has been cleared and before pudding (it is nice to then enjoy the glass of champagne with your pudding) but many people choose to have the Speeches at the beginning of the meal so that the Speakers can then relax and enjoy the rest of the evening!

Who covers what?

The Father of the Bride

Thank the guests for coming
Thanks those organising & covering wedding
A few words on his daughter
Welcomes Groom to family
Toast “To the Bride & groom”

The Groom

On behalf of “My wife and I….”
…and continues to thank previous speaker for their words
Thanks the guests for coming
Thanks the hosts of the wedding
Thanks his parents for his upbringing
Thanks his best man for his friendship
Says a few words about his beautiful new wife
A note on the Bridesmaids
Toast “To the Bridesmaids”

The Best Man

Starts by reading out messages from those unable to attend
An amusing account of the groom
Brushes on how the couple met and their compatability
Toast “To Mr & Mrs XXX”