The music is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make on your wedding day. There are four areas for you to think about music:

-In the church
-During the reception
-During supper
-The Dancing

In the church

Music to be played whilst guests arrive (Organ music or classical playlist)
Processional – Entry of the bride music (Usually classical and played by the organist, a favourite piece selected by the bride and groom. For a list of favourites click here)
Music during signing of the register (This can be a singer, a pianist, a favourite classical piece or a modern pice on playlist with meaningful lyrics. For a list of favourites click here)
Recessional – as bride and groom depart (Either a favourite classical piece played by the organist or a lively modern piece on playlist. For a list of favourites click here)

During the reception

Consider a playlist, pianist, jazz band, guitarist, vocalist but do bear in mind that all your guests will be talking and mingling loudly at this stage and it is very easy for music to be drowned out.

During supper

Consider something gentle and background if at all. A playlist from the DJ/Band or a pianist suits a supper setting beautifully.

The Dancing

The key decision for after dinner dancing is DJ versus Band. There is no obvious right or wrong on this and is completely down to the preference of the bride and groom. It is incorrect to believe that a DJ is cheaper than a band, they can be very similar in price.

Both DJ and Band should understand your audience and the variety of generations present and be ready to play a variety of music from across the decades to ensure everyone is keen to dance throughout the evening. Ensure both know of your favourite songs that should be played at points throughout the evening as well as your first and last dance.

A band will need to break and will usually offer 3 x 45 minute sets. Ensure when they break their DJ/Playlist set is full of your favourite songs and the volume and delivery of the music stays the same so the dancefloor does not empty.