Long Table Decoration



– They are more sociable than round tables, offering each guest up to 5 guests to talk to


– You can choose whether to opt for the usual 8-12 per table or enjoy a never-ending banquet table of 40


– Long tables really lend themselves to the setting you are looking to create whether a country rustic setting or a grand and opulent display, long tables will accentuate your display


-Long tables, start at 2’6″ wide; this IS plenty wide enough and bear in the mind the wider you go, you lose a little sociablity.


-For the decoration take advantage of the length – use table runners, plenty of candles and textured heights and styles of flowers and candles


– Ensure that anything that should be aligned on the table is done so to perfection, the longer the table the more so this is the case. As with all wedding tables, chairs should be just brushing against the falling table cloth


Images taken from my Pinterest board.


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