Lanterns are a beautiful way to add atmosphere and depth to a space inside or outside at your wedding. They contribute to the lighting and colour of an area and can give off a truly magical ambience. Many lanterns are also so light that you can consider hanging them from even the most delicate of frames including marquees, trees, balconies, bridges, beams, suspension wire.

Whatever comes into your head when you think of the term lantern, open your mind to everything that is available including Chinese Lanterns, Paper Lanterns, Vietnamese Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Jam Jar lanterns, Tin Can lanterns, Moroccan lanterns, Iron lanterns, Paper Bag lanterns, Sky lanterns, Storm lanterns…

(See some ideas on where to buy lanterns below)

Where can I buy these lanterns?

A lot of the companies listed below offer a lot of the below lanterns, so have a good look through their selection. Of course Amazon and Ebay are always worth exploring as well although it is hard to know of the quality from their images.

Items such as storm lanterns/hurricane lamps are a bit more of an ‘investment’, alternatively if you don’t want to buy them ask Butterflies & Bells or your florist if they can hire them for you.

Chinese & Paper Lanterns: The Hanging Lantern Company

Vietnamese Lanterns: Indochine

Floating Lanterns: Light a Lantern; Candle Bags
(n.b  the Light a Lantern ones are tried and tested these do not float reliably and we recommend you also purchase something to place the lantern on. They appear flimsy but do set a wonderful ambience assembled and lit.)

Jam Jar lanterns: Make them yourself or ask Butterflies & Bells for a cost to do it for you

Tin Can lanterns: Make them yourself or ask Butterflies & Bells for a cost to do it for you

Moroccan lanterns: Worth a good look around for your a style to your taste but see some well priced examples at Dunelm Mill and also currently at Poundland!

Paper Bag lanterns: Light a LanternCandle Bags

Sky lanterns: Sky Lanterns

Storm lanterns/Hurricane Lamps: Wayfair ; John Lewis

Lots of  further Lantern ideas: Not on the High Street

Picture sources: Jessica Graham, Ritos Blogas, Makedoandmend, Babouche-Maroc, UKPaperlanterns, Itsatrip, Skylanterns, KomodoFireworks, The Ebury Collection 


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