From bride to bride

The one thing a bride wishes she had been told…

Don’t get over excited upon getting engaged and invite everyone you know to your engagement party! You will soon realise the constraints of numbers and if a guest is asked to the engagement party they expect to make the wedding!

Eat a good breakfast and don’t worry about the bottom of your dress getting dirty

Get a photograph of you with your bridesmaids, it’s not necessarily on the formal list and can easily get forgotten

Don’t stress about something once it’s already happened, there’s nothing you can do to change it

The mistakes and things that go wrong add to the character of the day

Ensure your caterer only serves the same canapés on a tray, even when there are only a few left

Make sure you have some time alone with your new husband at some point; i.e en route from church to reception, absorb what you have just committed to

If you have a time between the  church and reception such as a novelty mode of transport make sure you have a bottle of champagne to celebrate just the two of you!

Ensure one particular bridesmaid is in charge of placing your veil perfectly for the photographs – you will notice if it isn’t done!



One response

  1. If you have a dress with a bussle / tie up for later make sure at least one other person knows how to tie it up – it always looks “so easy” at the last fitting! But often it is a two man job!

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