Rustic Country Wedding

We’re delighted that this incredibly beautiful wedding is gracing Butterflies & Bells. It has a wonderful sense of creativity and romance as a traditional style wedding without the formal boundaries. All food and drink was sourced locally from the New Forest and the stunning yet informal flowers are from Pippa Stoddart at Tussey Mussey Flowers; we love the milk bottles and jam jars they’re arranged in. Look out for the table tags, the Hen-made cakes, the swing and the horses. Beautiful photography by Tori Hancock; dress by Ellie Lowe and horses from Mouland Belgians.
NewForest Wedding12NewForest Wedding-001NewForest Wedding-003 NewForest Wedding6

NewForest Wedding
NewForest Wedding15NewForest Wedding13
NewForest Wedding-002NewForest Wedding-7

NewForest Wedding-004NewForest Wedding4

NewForest Wedding-005NewForest Wedding10
NewForest Wedding-007

NewForest Wedding16
NewForest Wedding17 NewForest Wedding18 NewForest Wedding19 NewForest Wedding20 NewForest Wedding21


Conker name places and autumnal flowers


Autumn wedding

1. Conkers

Tied to a luggage tag for an autumnal name place

2. Autumnal flowers

Dahlias and alstromeria in vibrant maroons, yellows and oranges

3. Decorative Letters

To spell out a message, LOVE, or your names (and handy boxes to use after the wedding). Buy here

4. Gorgeous Lanterns

For a cosy glow from Nkuku

A country wedding with colour

Another beautiful wedding photographed by Marcus Dodridge, at Bignor Park.

Think English country garden with Indian block prints.

We love the turquoise Kew Garden Flower pots with white hydrangeas and the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses.

Country wedding-001
country wedding12-001Country wedding 2013-004country wedding16-001
Country wedding 2013-007
country wedding15-001 Country wedding 2013-005Country wedding 2013-006
country wedding6-001
country wedding7-001 country wedding8-001country wedding13-001

Barn Wedding | Ideas and Inspiration

A real wedding oozing with creativity and special touches. So many original ideas, the flowers are beautiful and note the photobooth, cake table, seating plan and message box!

barn wedding41

barn wedding19
Barn wedding-002barn wedding16
barn wedding34 Barn wedding-001
barn wedding17 Barn wedding-003
barn wedding3 Barn wedding-004
barn wedding24 Barn wedding
barn wedding27 Barn wedding-007
barn wedding38 Barn wedding-006
barn wedding12
barn wedding33 Barn wedding-005

barn wedding40 barn wedding8

barn wedding10

barn wedding37

barn wedding31 barn wedding28
barn wedding39

Thanks to inspiring photographer Marcus Dodridge for many of the shots of this beautiful wedding. Have a look at Marcus’ website for more inspiration, he really does capture some incredibly special shots.

Bride’s Bouquet | Blooming Peonies and Astilbe

Bride's Bouquet














Beautiful photograph and an incredibly striking bouquet; made up of coral pink peonies and astilbe, ‘the peonies kept blooming throughout the day, by the evening they were huge!’

Photograph is by fine art photographer Sophie Lindsay who specialises in weddings. She has an incredible style to her work, have a look.

Beautiful wedding flowers | Maison Des Roses

The most romantic florist in London?

The most romantic florist in London?

After another bunch of incredibly beautiful flowers received from Maison Des Roses, an SW London based florist (and they really have blown all others out of the water), I decided to delve into whether they offer wedding flowers. Not only do they offer their floristry for weddings, but they have an extremely comprehensive website for a bride with limited time on her hands and you could order your full wedding’s worth of flowers with a few clicks on their Wedding Flowers Online service (for London brides, but they will travel). With Buttonholes starting at £6 and Table Centrepieces from £55 and 4 design sections – Contemporary, Country, Romantic and Vintage – they offer incredibly beautiful flowers easily and reasonably. If I was doing it all over again I’d be even more excited by them than I currently am!

Also to note the beautiful label that came with the flowers; inspiration for Name Places perhaps?

Pale Pink Bouquet with Eucalyptus

I was given this beautiful bunch of flowers today and couldn’t resist sharing them as I think they are the most wonderful colours and would make the most gorgeous wedding bouquet. The palest of pink roses and white lisianthus with the silvery green of eucalyptus work so well and give off the most amazing fragrance.

Eucalyptus is a wonderfully subtle and great smelling green to add to any bouquet, its silvery palette being much more gentle than stark greenery; it would be a wonderful addition to a snowy white bouquet for a winter wedding.