Rustic Country Wedding

We’re delighted that this incredibly beautiful wedding is gracing Butterflies & Bells. It has a wonderful sense of creativity and romance as a traditional style wedding without the formal boundaries. All food and drink was sourced locally from the New Forest and the stunning yet informal flowers are from Pippa Stoddart at Tussey Mussey Flowers; we love the milk bottles and jam jars they’re arranged in. Look out for the table tags, the Hen-made cakes, the swing and the horses. Beautiful photography by Tori Hancock; dress by Ellie Lowe and horses from Mouland Belgians.
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NewForest Wedding
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Wedding Dresses, Stationery & Ideas | Favourites from the Designer Wedding Show

Four suppliers stood out for us at the Designer Wedding Show. Two dress designers, a stationer and a food and drink Tricycle supplier.

EMMA HUNT wedding dresses – Eyecatching on her stand and on the catwalk with some beautiful lace designs. Emma’s bespoke wedding dresses balance elegant, classic styles with modern detailing and clean lines for truly timeless pieces. She is based in Wimbledon.

IDEAS BOX  Espresso Tricycle – A fun way to introduce coffee or cheese to your meal, by wheeling in an old fashioned tricycle to serve up the goods. Or there are Pimms tricycles, Ice cream tricycles and many more….a fun addition to your wedding!

LISA REDMAN wedding dresses – Lisa’s dresses really caught our eye on the catwalk and we rushed to find her stand. A fashion focused and experience designer she is a lovely and extremely talented. Don’t be put off by the fact her focus isn’t just wedding dresses, she works to produce a sophisticated and timeless design no matter what the occasion and her wedding dresses are different and unique to many of those around at the moment. She will help to create your perfect and timeless piece that you will cherish forever. Based in Notting Hill, she is well worth a visit.

LEEMING BROTHERS stationery – It is hard to stand out when you have some of London’s top stationers exhibiting but Hampshire based Leeming Brothers stationery had a luxurious stand exhibiting truly luxurious stationery. Like many classic stationers they offer beautiful hand engraved stationery, they also work with letterpress printing dating back to the mid 1400s. We recommend requesting a sample pack, you will fall for the beautiful colours and textures that they work with and you might just be tempted off the traditional wedding invite as the other options are just so beautiful…

Wedding Shoes

Have a look at our new page Wedding Shoes

One question we are constantly asked is where to start with wedding shoes. The choice of shoe is a key decision that sometimes gets sidelined by the rest of the wedding planning. Have a read for what to consider and where to start looking and in the meantime we will continue with our searching.

The Butterflies & Bells’ favourite wedding shoe designer is Emma Hope for her classic, elegant and simple styles.

The wedding shoes are an integral decision to your wedding day as they will dictate your poise and your comfort. Don’t believe that you will magically be able to master a pair of 6 inch heels if this isn’t what you are used to, likewise don’t opt for flats if you know that you enjoy wearing heels for a sense of grandeur and posture; in short choose a heel which you would normally select for a special occasion.

A few points to consider

The style of shoe is most likely dependant upon your dress. If you have a ‘busy’ dress you may wish to choose a plainer wedding shoe and vice versa.

You will need to choose your shoes fairly early on as your dress maker will need to tailor the dress according to the height of the heels.

If you have a lace or delicate tulle bottomed dress you may wish to avoid beaded and crystalled shoes in case the material catches on the shoe.

Wear in your shoes. Couturier Christine Kendall advises that a shoe has up until 4 hours of wear before it looks worn, so aim to wear your shoes around the house (with stockings/tights on) for up to 4 hours prior to your wedding.

White or ivory are the most common colour choice for wedding shoes, but this is also a chance to bring a surprise splash of colour to your look. They could also be your ‘something blue’.

Wedding shoe styles

Pointed toe – Round toe – Almond toe – Square toe – Sling back – Closed back – Ankle strap – Kitten heel – Platform – Stiletto

Where to find wedding shoes

Emma Hope
Freya Rose

Paradox London
Elegant Steps