Spring Wedding – Coastal & Creative

Country Wedding-0-002 Country Wedding-0-001Country Wedding-0-015Country Wedding-0-011Country Wedding-002Country Wedding-0-232Country Wedding-001Country Wedding-0-481This beautiful Spring wedding set on the south English coast is full of handcrafted creativity and simple touches.

The bride painted her own incredible seating plan and table names and hand-stamped all the name places (which can be ordered).

Handmade bunting and spring flowers decorate the marquee.

Photographs from Jim Pascoe Photography and for any questions regarding Name Place orders please contact us for Caroline’s details.

Country Wedding-0-325
Country Wedding-004Country Wedding-0-006

Country Wedding-003Country Wedding-0-008

Country Wedding-0-326
Country Wedding-0-351 Country Wedding-0-464



Beautiful Paper Wedding Bunting

wedding buntingWe love this beautiful and simple paper bunting from Nkuku. Either flags or birds in cream, printed and brown, this would look so pretty draping to the middle of a marquee or seems made for a barn wedding.

Beautiful map table plan

A sneak preview to a beautiful wedding we’ve got coming soon….this incredible table plan was lovingly created and painted by the Bride herself – so impressed! An inspiring way to bring maps and your favourite place into your decorating…

For more Table plan ideas see here

Table Plan

Rustic Country Wedding

We’re delighted that this incredibly beautiful wedding is gracing Butterflies & Bells. It has a wonderful sense of creativity and romance as a traditional style wedding without the formal boundaries. All food and drink was sourced locally from the New Forest and the stunning yet informal flowers are from Pippa Stoddart at Tussey Mussey Flowers; we love the milk bottles and jam jars they’re arranged in. Look out for the table tags, the Hen-made cakes, the swing and the horses. Beautiful photography by Tori Hancock; dress by Ellie Lowe and horses from Mouland Belgians.
NewForest Wedding12NewForest Wedding-001NewForest Wedding-003 NewForest Wedding6

NewForest Wedding
NewForest Wedding15NewForest Wedding13
NewForest Wedding-002NewForest Wedding-7

NewForest Wedding-004NewForest Wedding4

NewForest Wedding-005NewForest Wedding10
NewForest Wedding-007

NewForest Wedding16
NewForest Wedding17 NewForest Wedding18 NewForest Wedding19 NewForest Wedding20 NewForest Wedding21

Christmas Weddings | Magical Touches

Christmas weddings

1. Beautifully cut star paper lanterns from £5….hung from a ceiling would look magical. From Etsy

2. Wine glass or wine bottle christmas tree tags by Sophia Victoria Joy

3. We LOVE these knitted candle cosies from Henry’s Future

4. Crackers! A fun, interactive and icebreaking touch to your table – we love these designs by Nancy & Betty Studio

Conker name places and autumnal flowers


Autumn wedding

1. Conkers

Tied to a luggage tag for an autumnal name place

2. Autumnal flowers

Dahlias and alstromeria in vibrant maroons, yellows and oranges

3. Decorative Letters

To spell out a message, LOVE, or your names (and handy boxes to use after the wedding). Buy here

4. Gorgeous Lanterns

For a cosy glow from Nkuku

Swedish Fire Torches

Swedish fire torch

Swedish Fire Torches (or Swedish Candles) are designed in a way that can bring warmth, light and decoration to a party.

A path of them leading up to a marquee or a gathering of them outside, they create a cosy place to huddle on a cool English evening.

Buy them here or browse the internet on how to make your own.

10 original Wedding Favour ideas

Wedding favours are the perfect excuse for your creativity and personal stamp on your wedding to shine through. They can be homemade, inexpensive and part of the decoration.  We have seen so many amazing ideas we’ve created a Wedding Favour Pinterest page. In fact there are so many imaginative and wonderful ideas out there that perhaps the good old fashioned Sugared Almonds would actually be a novel idea?


Mini champagne bottles (instead of a glass refill) to toast the speeches

Wedding favours champagne


Packets of seeds for guests to take home and grow their own flowers/produce from your wedding

Wedding favours seeds


A homemade jar of jam/chutney/honey

wedding favours jam


Tubes/jars/bundles of loose tea

Wedding favours tea


Lavender cushions for the ladies

wedding favours lavender


Homemade sloe gin

Wedding favours sloe gin


Cotton stitched handkerchiefs to catch the tears of joy

Wedding favours handkerchief


A macaroon or other delicious sweet to have with your coffee

Weding favours macaroons


A drink… (alcoholic or not)

Wedding favours lemonade


A collection of songs from the wedding

Wedding favours cd


Photos (via Pinterest) from
1. Gala Darling 2.Wedgwood UK 3. Lace in the desert 4. One fab day 5. Dorset barn 
6. Salcombe beach 7. Sunflowers in Seville 8. BridalIntoxication 9. Sarah Blackwell 
10. Pinterest

Ghosts at your wedding?

Ghost chair

Ghost chairs are having their moment and rightly so; they are leaving the Banqueting and the Camelot in their wake. They are subtle, modern, chic and offset the magical lighting you will no doubt be creating as your ambience. (Not to mention incredibly comfortable). You can hire them from various catering & furniture hire companies including Great Hire.

Photograph from Red magazine

Wedding Ideas & Inspiration | Long Wedding Tables

You have may stumbled across this new page of ours already, you may not have  – Long Table Decoration – gives you ideas, thoughts and tips on Long Tables at your wedding.

Long wedding tables are becoming really popular at weddings as they are really sociable and there are so many beautiful ways in which to dress them; at one end of the scale you can look at Hessian runners offsetting a rustic chic setting, at the other you can achieve a sense of grandeur and opulence.

Images taken from my Pinterest board.

Wedding Ideas & Inspiration | Wedding Car Decoration

A couple of people have recently asked about decoration for their wedding car. Flowers, ribbons, shaving foam and tin cans all make for a decorative getaway but what about a Just Married sign? Not On The High Street have some lovely ones, but this is a favourite; and it can be transferred to the marquee/venue and home for a little while!

It is shipped from America but only works out at about £25; otherwise take inspiration and make one yourself!

Inspiration on London South Bank

You never know when you may stumble across something or somewhere that ignites a little inspiration in you for your wedding. Take a photo or write down names and add to a notebook so you don’t forget those things that inspire you along the way…

This shot was taken at London South Bank Wonderground and boasts a fun collection of pretty lights and lanterns.

Tin can ideas: Lanterns and Vases

It’s extremely satisfying when you come across a very simple object that can be made into a beautiful piece of decoration. At a wedding recently the table was laden with simple tin can ‘vases’ painted turquoise and full of garden flowers. A seemingly effortless touch that added uniqueness and colour to the room – a beautiful impact.

See some lovely ideas below for the lowly Tin Can.

Thanks to:
Patent Pending Projects

Wedding ribbons, ribbons, ribbons!

Pretty ribbons can add a beautiful and personal touch to many areas of your wedding décor. They can be tied around the Order of Service, used on your Invitations, added to your Seating Plan tied in little bows, tied around your chairs, hang from trees. . . the options are endless, so if you see roll of ribbon that catches your eye – buy it!

Have a look at our Ribbon Board on Pinterest for ideas & colour thoughts…

Some places to find lovely ribbon online:

Country Cream

Jane Means

VV Rouleaux

John Lewis

East of India (on Amazon)

Homemade name places: Luggage Tags & Ink Stamps

Create simple and beautiful Name Places yourself. All you need are some Luggage Tag style brown or white labels, Ink Stamps and a pen (or stencils as seen).
Doing them yourself adds a personal touch to your wedding and the stamp image you choose can be something personal to you.

Luggage Tag Labels from many stationers including Rymans
Butterfly Ink Stamps from Willow & Stone