Tradition would have the Bride’s father covering the majority of the wedding costs; the Groom would cover Usher costs, the rings, the honeymoon and ceremony costs.

Getting to grips with the costs

You should address the subject of finances early on and discuss with all those contributing to agree on a budget.

It is a good idea to get an early grasp on the cost of weddings nowadays, which vary hugely from when your parents were getting married! Although ideas and plans will change it isn’t too difficult to get an outline of the costs.

See below for a list of true costs based on a marquee wedding for 150 guests. It was a countryside wedding using local suppliers with 3 bridesmaids and 10 ushers. You can also download your own blank Wedding Costs Template.

ITEM Approx Cost
Announcement of engagement in newspaper £200.00
Band £1,500.00
Bridesmaid dresses (x 3) £450.00
Catering £6,000.00
N.B Based on substantial canapés & main course. Cake served as pudding.
The catering quote should include all hire: Cutlery, glassware, crockery, linen etc
Champagne/sparkling wine- 100 @ £10 each £1,000.00
Church (usually inclusive of Bell Ringing, Choir, Organist, Heating) £1,000.00
Flowers £2,500.00
Gift for Ushers (i.e ties) £250.00
Gifts for Bridesmaids £100.00
Hair and nails (Bride & 3 Bridesmaids) £350.00
Insurance £70.00
Invitations (150 for guests + reserve list) £200.00
Marquee £5,500.00
Mini bus taxi for guests £100.00
Miscellaneous touches and décor £400.00
Name cards £50.00
Order of Service £200.00
Photographer £1,500.00
Porter Loos £450.00
Postage for invitations £50.00
Shoes £100.00
Skip £200.00
Soft drinks & Beer £400.00
Videographer £1,500.00
Wedding Cake £400.00
Wedding Dress £2,500.00
Wine 150 bottles @ £8/bottle £1,200.00
Approximate total £28,170.00
Excluding: Rings, Honeymoon